2019 Gallery for Community Mission for Improved Housing, INC

2 Shelter/Community Center Projects (Total since 2015: 9)
8 Private Home Projects (Total since 2015: 30)
0 Fund Raisers (Total since 2015: 6) 
10 Projects for 2019 TO DATE (Total since 2015 TO DATE: 45)

This is CMIH’s fifth year, 2019. Our year projects were as follows:

Love Independence Day

A Success!!

Saturday April 27, 2019

As in past years, Community Mission for Improved Housing cooperated with the City of Independence to make “Love Independence Day” a successful endeavor for the Community. CMIH, spearheaded by Jerry Bright, and the Independence Housing Authority under April Nutt; selected seven houses this year for improvement. All of the projects were completed by volunteers, community organizations and businesses; with selected contributions by the Housing Authority and CMIH.

CMIH superintend all projects. Locations with primary contributor organizations were:

  • 1213 N. Penn – 1st Baptist Church / Woods Lumber
  • 410 E. Main – Lee’s Heating & Cooling/Bill White Real Estate / Presbyterian Church/ Sherwin Williams
  • 801 E Main – Textron Aviation / Independence Housing Authority
  • 1120 W. Main – Atmos Energy/Westar/Transystems / Indep. Housing Authority
  • 1009 N. Penn – Standard Motors Prod/Sherwin Williams/ Indep. Housing Authority
  • 607 W. Maple – H&H Roofing / CMIH
  • 1105 N. 8th – Greer Electric / CMIH

(There were several additional donors, including Walmart.)

Cindy White, coordinate volunteers and designated appropriate work all locations. Jerry Bright and Chris Mitchell answered additional organizational questions and the CMIH truck drove from location to location to provide missing tools.

Lunch, was by and large, provided by the sponsoring organizations, except Dairy Queen provided lunch sacks for workers at 1213 N. Penn.

Also, one of the churches provided sack lunches for volunteers at 410 E. Main (Upper Cut Boxing –Youth Center). Volunteers from the Nazarene Church provided bottled water, and Hannah’s House volunteers helped with clean-up.

Over all, weather cooperating, this was a very successful LOVE Independence Day!!

LOVE Independence Day a huge success

Taina Copeland, Regional Editor

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 8:37 AM

The day was shining in Independence Saturday and it wasn’t just the sun shining down — it was all the good things happening around town. Some folks and organizations get an early start showing their love as houses were painted, goodies handed out and donations collected throughout last week. And many others saved the fun for Saturday, as evidenced by those driving around town.

“Independence is such an amazing community full of kind people and it was incredibly obvious this past Saturday,” said Independence Chamber of Commerce President Lisa Wilson. “The response to LOVE Independence Day the past four years has been phenomenal.” 

Riverside Park and Ralph Mitchell Zoo was filled with volunteers who helped install park equipment, pulled weeds around playground equipment, polished statues, cleaned up Kiddie Land and spiffed up the gazebo. The Independence Police Department and RSVP Four County volunteers participated in National Drug Take Back Day by collecting unused prescriptions at City Hall. Sweet treats were handed out if you made it to Community National Bank & Trust drive through Saturday morning and Independence Community College cheerleaders held a free cheer clinic for the youth in town.

The acts of kindness continued as many employees of companies and industries around town volunteered to help others by improving homes of those in need. Free coffee vouchers were handed out, discounts were all over the place and Riverside Park offered free carousel rides from 1 to 5 p.m. Many entities were thinking of the hard working volunteers assisting Community Mission for Improved Housing by passing out snacks and drinks to them while others visited nursing home residents, presenting them with flowers and other goodies.

“I can’t believe how many people you can see all throughout town helping others and volunteering to make things nice,” said out-of-town visitor, Sandy Fuller, of Kansas City, Mo. “I came to visit a friend but got wrapped up in the fun of LOVE Independence Day. I just had to get some items to donate to the little food pantries one group was working on.”

Wilson explained the LOVE Independence Day concept has taken off since its 2016 debut. “This event began as an intentional opportunity to be kind to one another and demonstrate community pride,” she said. “Annual kindness acts include everything from paying it forward in a restaurant drive-through to beautification of the town’s parks to rehabbing homes for families in need.”

She added, the possibilities are endless and the acts of kindness do not have to be expensive, elaborate or time consuming to make an impact. “Acts of kindness have a ripple effect which immediately elevates the morale of the entire community,” she concluded. (Copeland, 2019)

Copeland, Taina (2019, April 30). LOVE Independence Day a huge success. Retrieved from the Daily Reporter at https://indydailyreporter.com/Content/Default/Homepage-Article-Rotator/Article/LOVE-Independence-Day-a-huge-success/-3/758/28652.

(Marque demo.)

410 E Main Street ~ Upper Cut Community Center

BEFORE 410 E Main Street ~ Upper Cut Community Center

AFTER 410 E Main Street Upper Cut Community Center

607 W Maple Street ~ New Roof

BEFORE 607 W Maple Street ~ New Roof

AFTER 607 W Maple Street ~ New Roof

801 E Main Street ~ Outside Painting

BEFORE 801 E Main Street ~ Outside Painting

AFTER 801 E Main Street ~ Outside Painting

1120 W Main Street ~ Outside Painting Two Story

BEFORE 1120 W Main Street ~ Outside Painting Two Story

AFTER 1120 W Main Street ~ Outside Painting Two Story

1213 N Penn Street ~ New Porch and Decking

AFTER 1213 N Penn Street ~ New Porch & Decking

1009 N Penn Street ~ Outside Painting & Landscaping

BEFORE 1009 N Penn Street ~ Outside Painting & Landscaping

AFTER 1009 N Penn Street ~ Outside Painting & Landscaping

End of 2019