2017 Gallery for Community Mission for Improved Housing, INC

The year 2017, was our third year and was highlighted by the outpouring of volunteers for the completion of Hope House, and another successful Love Independence Day community event accomplished with community collaborative effort. We completed five projects and one Fundraiser (The Raffle of a Restored 1970 Chevy Pickup).  (This year we also commenced the filing and paperwork for our own 501c(3) status.)

1 Shelter/Community Center Projects (Total since 2015: 6)
4 Private Home Projects (Total since 2015: 18)
1 Fund Raiser (Total since 2015: 4) 
6 Projects for 2017 (Total since 2015: 28)

The picture Gallery for 2017 is as follows:

1. Project #23 (Commenced in 2016) Hope House is Completed and is Designated as a Shelter for Needy Families in Montgomery County – Progress Continued from Last Year With All New Screens, Interior Painting & total kitchen and bathroom renovation. (Sixth Shelter/Community Center Project)

2. Project #24 Wagner’s Home ~ Bathroom Repair (Fifteenth Private Home Project)

3. Project #25 Love Independence Day 1009 E. Main Street – Exterior Repairs and Outside Painting (Sixteenth Private Home Project)

 4. Project #26 Love Independence Day 301 S. 4th Street – Outside Painting (Seventeenth Private Home Project)

 5. Project #27 308 S. Earl Street – Roof (Eighteenth Private Home Project)

6.) Project #28 Restored 1970 Chevy Pickup (Fourth Fundraiser)

END OF 2017