2016 Gallery for Community Mission for Improved Housing, INC

The year 2016, was our second year of full operations for the CMIH Mission team. We completed in this year: nine projects (seven private homes, one fundraiser, and also worked on restoring our first donated house for families that need shelter, Hope House).

1 Shelter/Community Center Projects (Total since 2015: 5)
7 Private Home Projects (Total since 2015: 14)
1 Fund Raiser (Total since 2015: 3) 
9 Projects for 2016 (Total since 2015: 22)

The picture Gallery for 2016 is as follows:

1. Project #14 Freeman Home ~ New Roof (Eighth Private Home Project)
2. Project #15 Chili Cook-Off Challenge ~ Winner Ruth Hanke (Third Fundraiser Project)

3. Project #16 Shepherd’s Home ~ New Siding (Ninth Private Home Project)

4. Project #17 Allen Home ~ New Ramp (Tenth Private Home Project)

Getting Ready for Love Independence Day

We are excited to team up with Community Chest and other parties who want to help fund projects for needy residents with CMIH responsible for project management and volunteer team’s organization. We had several inquiries in this direction and believe that this is a very workable model which will improve needy resident’s living conditions and the overall appeal of Independence as a very livable and desirable community.

5. Project #18 Love Independence Day 510 W Main ~ New Porch, Clean-up, New Siding and Outside Painting (Eleventh Private Home Project)

6. Project #19 Love Independence Day 1104 W Main ~ New Porch, Clean-up, New Doggie Door, & Outside Painting (Twelfth Private Home Project)

7. Project #20 Love Independence Day 716 W Main ~ New Porch, New Siding, Clean-up & Painting (Thirteenth Private Home Project)

8. Project#21 (224 S. 16th Street) Hope House is Designated as a Shelter for Needy Families in Montgomery County – New Roof, Porch Remodeling, Exterior Painting, New Floors, Foundation Work, Interior Furnishing & Painting (Fifth Shelter/Community Center Project)

8. Project #22 Veteran of Foreign Wars ~ New Ramp (Fourteenth Private Home Project)

END OF 2016