Inspiration for CMIH Ministry ~ “Tommy’s Home”

The inspiration for Community Mission for Improved Housing started with one man; Jerry Bright, who was helping his friend, Tommy. While it was understood that there were state and federal programs to assist people repair their homes, Tommy did not qualify. So, Jerry decided to get the materials needed to repair Tommy’s home. (The slides above show before and after pictures of Tommy’s home.)

After the completion of Tommy’s home, a group of people began to pray about starting an organization that could help home owners. As Jerry says:

“[We need something for the home owner’s that] fall through the cracks.”

“The families, that don’t have the resources to help with the upkeep of their own home.”

“There is help for people that are 65 and older, for those that are on disability, but there is little or no help for those that are in-between.”

“There are a lot of people that are on limited income that can’t get any kind of help.”

“There are a lot of people who have jobs and children but their income doesn’t allow for home repair.”

“[We need to be] bringing the community together one home at a time.”

And thus, in April of 2014, CMIH was originally organized as a non-profit Limited Liability Company (LLC) and operated under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Independence.  A Board was formed; Mission Statement and By Laws written and homes, shelters and community centers started to be worked on. Hundreds of volunteers, material donations, cash donations: with other organizations and churches coming together to help bring hope to the town of Independence. This was Jerry’s dream, this is what he wanted to see happen: the community of Independence coming together and helping each other.

Because of its success and growth, the Board of CMIH in 2016, decided to apply for its own 501c3 status.  This required the incorporation of the organization and the new name was, Community Mission for Improved Housing, INC with the EIN number of 46-5718124. They continue to help the poor, the disabled, the elderly, and our veterans. (If you want to volunteer, give a cash or material donation, or if you want to apply for assistance go to the link *INFORMATION & FORMS for all your questions.)

As we continue in this mission, we are always reminded of the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (Matthew 7:12)

Jerry says, “It is my mission to bring the community together to help one another. It is my hope that other communities might see what a difference in helping our fellow community brothers and sisters can make in the spirit of a community and to encourage them to develop their own program, …that is my dream.”

Make Jerry’s dream, your own, be a part of Community Mission for Improved Housing.

Thank You!


* The service area for Community Mission for Improved Housing, Inc., is defined as a physical address within the city limits of the City of Independence, Kansas.  This area of service will be reviewed annually.

Community Mission for Improved Housing, Inc., is committed to mentoring and guiding other communities to start their own home repair ministries.  This will allow the ministry to be more effective in other cities.