2019 Gallery for Community Mission for Improved Housing, INC

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This is CMIH’s fifth year, 2019. Our year projects are as follows:

Love Independence Day – Saturday 27, 2019

As in past years, Community Mission for Improved Housing is cooperating with the City of Independence to make “Love Independence Day” a successful endeavor of the Community. CMIH, spearheaded by Jerry Bright, and the Independence Housing Authority under April Nutt; have selected seven houses for improvement. All of the projects will be done by volunteers, community organizations and businesses; with selected contributions by the Housing Authority and CMIH.

CMIH will superintend all projects. Locations with primary contributor organizations are:

  • 1213 N. Penn – 1st Baptist Church / Woods Lumber
  • 410 E. Main – Lee’s Heating & Cooling/Bill White Real Estate / Presbyterian Church/ Sherwin Williams
  • 801 E Main – Textron Aviation / Independence Housing Authority
  • 1120 W. Main – Atmos Energy/Westar/Transystems / Indep. Housing Authority
  • 1009 N. Penn – Standard Motors Prod/Sherwin Williams/ Indep. Housing Authority
  • 607 W. Maple – H&H Roofing / CMIH
  • 1105 N. 8th – Greer Electric / CMIH

(There are several additional donors, including Walmart.)

Cindy White (620) 330-1809, will coordinate volunteers and designate appropriate work locations. Jerry Bright (620) 330-2579 and Chris Mitchell (620) 779-3717 will answer additional organizational questions and the CMIH truck will be driving from location to location to provide missing tools.

Please bring a ladder – if available – to the 410 E Main location.

Sign-Up sheets for volunteers will be circulated (Renita Butler, CMIH).

Lunch will, by and large, be provided by the sponsoring organizations, except Dairy Queen will provide lunch sacks for workers at 1213 N. Penn.

Also, one of the churches will provide sack lunches for volunteers at 410 E. Main (Upper Cut Boxing –Youth Center). Volunteers from the Nazarene Church will provide bottled water, and Hannah’s House volunteers will help with clean-up.

It is important for a first good impression of the finished projects that clean-up will be perfect and yards should be mowed or trimmed where necessary. Volunteers are still needed for that.