Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve the Independence area by helping repair the homes of the poor, elderly and disabled and by building relationships among neighbors and bringing hope and spiritual renewal to our community.

Why is This Needed?

High living cost + low wages = little money for home repairs.

There are State and Federal programs to help homeowners repair their homes. However, these programs are very specific and many who need help don’t qualify. Others can afford the materials, but can’t afford to hire the work to be done and/or can’t do it themselves.

What is the Process?

The homeowner completes an application for assistance. An inspection is completed on the property. If the project is approved, permits are obtained and the project is staffed with volunteers to complete the work according to city building codes. Once the project is completed, the homeowner is expected to help others repair their homes.

How is This Funded?

Each project must be fully funded before the work begins. We look first at the homeowner’s resources, then donated materials and cash donations. Some parts of projects may qualify for grants. The laborers, including office staff, are all volunteers.

How Can You Help?

CMIH needs donations of funds and building materials. We also need licensed contractors to donate one project a year and many volunteers to do the repairs.