2015 Gallery for Community Mission for Improved Housing, INC

The year 2015, was the first year of full operations for the CMIH mission team. We were very active by finishing eleven projects and two fundraisers; also established a picture gallery to document our success. The picture Gallery for 2015 is as follows:

1. Jerry’s Inspiration for CMIH – Tommy’s House – Complete Remodel Porch and Interior

2. Project #1 (First project for CMIH) Grace’s House Women’s Shelter – Interior Remodeled and a New Roof.
3. Project #2 (City Approved Community Center Project) Laundromat Remodeled into a Community Center – Upper Cut Boxing

(First Fundraiser) Park Auction & BBQ at Riverside Park

4. Project #3 (First Home) New Front Porch, Storm Doors and Painting

5. Project #4 (Second Home) Tanya’s New Roof

(Second Fundraiser) Chili Cook-Off Challenge ~ Winner Dana Hart

6. Project #5 (Third Home) Melissa’s New Roof & Ceiling Repair

7. Project #6 Hanna’s House Women’s Shelter

8. Project #7 Home Sweet Home Men’s Shelter – Roof and Exterior Painting

9. Project #8 (Fourth Home) Eloise’s Home – Painting and Remodeled Bedroom

10. Project #9 (Fifth Home) Earl Street Project – Roof and Exterior Paint

11. Project #10 (Sixth Home) Golden Home – New Roof, Shower & Storm Window

END OF 2015