Working Van Fund Raiser: We have been given an opportunity to purchase a used equipment van for CMIH.  After discounts, the purchase price for CMIH is $1,250.  We do not want to use existing funds, so we need to raise $1,250 for this project.  As of to date,  we have raised $1,300; some of which is meant to go towards insurance.

Insurance: The total cost for liability insurance is $746/year.  However, the good news is that at least for the first year, the insurance company will make a donation to CMIH for between $300 to $350.  Also, Jerry was able to obtain a secured parking place for the van.

Van/Insurance funds raised to date are $1,300.

Total needed $346!
Total raised: $1,250 van + $50 insurance costs

$300 (9/4 3:04PM) + $100 (9/4 3:10PM) + $100 (9/4 3:12PM) + $500 (9/5 12:35PM) + $200 (9/5 7:21PM) + $100 (9/5 10:08PM)

In Progress: 423 S. 16th Street – Rolled Roof (Material account has been established with Woods Lumber.  Owner has not started project.)

In Progress: 304 N. Park – Ramp (Emergency ramp installed and now a storm door is being installed which allows for easier access.)

In Progress: 301 S. 4th Street – Painting (The Independence Housing Authority, through a grant, has contracted to finish replacing the outside deteriorated woodwork. The contractor is also supposed to finish the outside painting.  We are watching progress, since we want to see the project finished as soon as possible.)

In Progress: A condensed application form has been completed and is now being reviewed by board before being voted on.

In Progress: Updating office and web pictures of all projects in chronological order.

In Progress: Home on N. 5th – Handicap Bathroom (This home previously had a ramp installed, and we are now organizing a new project to install a handicap bathroom.)