HSH Homeless Ministry, Inc. (Home, Sweet, Home ~ Homeless Ministry, Inc.) is applying for a $25,000 grant to support Hope House which accommodates women and children and the shelter for homeless men. Please, help us by voting today (August 15th) on the State Farm Grant at www.neighborhoodassist.com and continue voting daily over the next nine days (to August 24th).

Here is the letter for this event from our Director Chris Mitchell:

How to Set Up Account and Vote on State Farm:



1.)Press “Vote” at bottom of opening page.2.)Change “FILTER BY CATEGORY” to “Community Development” and “FILTER BY STATE” to “Kansas”.

3.)Click on the “HSH Homeless Ministry, Inc. picture”.

4.)Letter from Chris Mitchell scroll down to bottom and click “Vote”.

HSH Homeless Ministry, Inc.
Restoring men and families that have fallen into homelessness.

HSH was started in 2009 due to a growing concern of unmet needs for homelessness in Independence, KS. HSH is the only shelter serving homeless men in the surrounding counties. Our approach is to assess their situation and then assist them with their needs. Our goal is aiding them in restoring their lives and integrating them back into the community. We assist men in finding employment, housing, medical and in working through legal issues to accomplish independent living once they have moved on from the shelter. In the latter part of 2017, we opened the first family crisis home in Montgomery County called the Hope House. We have been able to guide families back into independent living with our 3-month program. The Hope House program gives families the ability to restart their lives by assisting in finding employment and by providing food, clothing and housing.

Although HSH shelters are shepherding many into independent living, there is still a growing need in Montgomery County for an additional shelter to assist with women and children. For example, in just the last 2 months we have had two different mothers – each having four children – that needed shelter. However, we were at full capacity and could not assist them. HSH has recently acquired a third home to be used solely for women and children, and this $25,000 grant would provide the necessary funds to meet the need for additional shelter. We serve people who are dedicated to improving their lives. All clients are required to go through a process that consists of a background check, a drug test and filling out an application. Upon gaining admittance into the shelter, individuals that are able must immediately begin seeking employment.

Our shelters have had a lasting, positive impact on our community by giving homeless, broken families a hand up to restore them to a productive and stable way of living. Our data shows that 66% of the homeless have a high school diploma or GED. This has enabled them to gain permanent employment with local businesses. Our data also shows that 62% of our residents are local which confirms a great need for HSH services in Montgomery County and its surrounding areas. We are aggressive in collecting data to further improve the benefits we provide through the HSH Ministry. We have assisted over 425 people since 2010, and 68 of them were from 2017 alone. These numbers include the elderly and homeless U.S. Veterans. People who are given the opportunity to better their lives leave a lasting impact on their families AND our community. They need our intercession on their behalf. This need is real, and we are committed to meeting this need.

5.)”First time here?” click on “Register to Vote”.

6.)Fill out “Create an Account to Vote”.

7.) Vote but if you want to vote 10 times. Click out of browser and re-enter as a registered voter you will see a “10 Votes” icon, press and your done for the day.